Mediation is a process where you and your attorney (and your spouse and attorney) sit down with a neutral third party, the Mediator, whose only job is to help parties communicate to try to reach a settlement

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If your family court matter involves minor children, Florida family laws require courts to establish a parenting plan and child support obligation as part of the final judgment of divorce. Divorce attorney and mediator Christophe Fiori works closely with clients to achieve the best possible results when obtaining a mutually agreed or court ordered parenting plan.

Contested Divorce often involve disagreement on division of marital property and support, or a disagreement on the issue of parental responsibility and time-sharing.  Contested case means that you and the other parent or party have not reached an agreement on all issues of your divorce or paternity case.  Civil Law Mediation Attorney Christophe Fiori represents men and women in divorce and paternity matters before Florida family courts, where parties  disagree on some or all issues of their case.  While a mutually agreed outcome is favored, parties are sometimes unable to resolve all issues, and court action is require.

If you and your spouse agree on all outstanding issues in your divorce, then your divorce is considered an uncontested divorce

Florida divorce attorney Christophe Fiori represents individuals going through a divorce and who have amicably resolved all the issues of their divorce on a flat fee for legal services.  Generally this type of divorce is known as Uncontested Divorce. One of the benefits of an uncontested divorce is that legal fees are generally low, and often times a flat fee for legal services. Attorney flat fee for legal services includes preparation of all uncontested court documents, and attorney appearance at the final hearing.  Not included in the attorney flat fee are court costs and the service of process fee (when applicable).

Attorney Christophe Fiori's goal is to make your uncontested divorce as affordable as possible. We achieve this goal by offering an attorney flat fee for uncontested divorce, while maintaining our high-quality of counsel.

Tampa Divorce Attorney and mediator Christophe Fiori assists men and women through the civil law process of a divorce or paternity case as smoothly as possible with compassionate, yet aggressive legal representation. Divorcing families face many legal issues during divorce proceedings including: parental responsibility and time-sharing, division of marital assets and liabilities, child support, and alimony.  Don't face these issues alone.

Divorce is the separation of a couple with emotional ties, and who may share a home, a family, and other assets and debts together.  If you have been served with family court papers or are considering filing a divorce or family case, then you already have given divorce a lot of thought, and perhaps discussed divorce with your spouse.  Whether you and your spouse have discussed divorce or not, and whether you are filing for divorce or being served with divorce papers, it is important to stay calm and to speak with a qualified family law attorney regarding your rights under Florida family law. 

There are only two grounds for the dissolution of marriage: the marriage is irretrievably broken, or one of the parties is mentally incompetent.

    The ground for the dissolution based on the incompetence of one of the parties is rarely used. It cannot be used in Florida divorce law unless the party alleged to be incompetent has been held by a judge to have been incompetent for a period of at least three years.
    The more usual reason used to obtain a dissolution in Florida divorce law is that the marriage has proved to be irretrievably broken. Irretrievably broken means the parties have differences or disputes that cannot be settled, and they must be so serious that they have caused the total and complete breakdown of the marriage.

    If there are minor children, or if a claim of irretrievable breakdown is denied, the court may order counseling, continue the proceedings for three months, or take such other action as may be in the best interests of the parties and children of the marriage.


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