Month-to-Month Tenancy

If you are the landlord, you may terminate a month-to-month tenancy by providing the tenant with a 15 Day Notice of Termination of Month-to-Month rental agreement.  A 15 Day Notice to Terminate is appropriate if there is a written Month-to-Month rental agreement, or there is an oral rental agreement to pay rent.​​

How do I Terminate a Month-to-Month tenancy?

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Who Can deliver an eviction notice?

The landlord or an agent of the landlord can personally deliver a notice to a tenant at the rental property. (More)

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Completing a

3 Day Notice

​A defective notice could result in your case being dismissed by the court.  Avoid delays due to defective notices. (More)

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15 Day Notice to Terminate must provide the tenant with at least 15 days notice prior to the end of the Month-to-Month tenancy, which generally is the 30th or 31st of the month.


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