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If a tenant pays rent late or fails to pay rent, the landlord may file an eviction case in court for possession of the property from the non paying tenant.  Before a landlord may file an eviction case in court, it is necessary to post a notice on the property giving the tenant notice of the amount owed and that an eviction may be filed in court if the tenant fails to pay or vacate before the expiration of the notice.  Speak with an eviction attorney before posting a Notice to Pay or Vacate on the property. A defective notice to the tenant could result in the court dismissing the case for eviction.  See Florida Eviction Laws.

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Florida eviction lawyer Christophe Fiori represents landlords in residential and commercial eviction actions to get possession of property or for damages from non-compliant or non-paying tenant.​  Property owners depend on payment of rent by tenants for operational costs and payments on debts and liabilities.  When tenants fail to pay rent, especially those that are repeatedly late in such payments, it severely disrupts the landlord's business putting such business at risk.

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