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Court Filing Fee and Summons

This fee is charged by the clerk of court for filing of the eviction and issuance of a summons.  Generally, the filing fee is $185.00, summons is $10.00.  *Add $5.00 per filing for clerk e-portal fee.


Service of Process

This fee is charged by the certified process server for service of court documents.  Generally, this fee is $40.00 for each defendant listed on the complaint.  Additional fee in Pinellas county: $3.00 for each defendant.


Sheriff's Fee

This fee is charged by the sheriff's office for execution of the Writ of Possession.  Generally $90. Additional fee in Hillsborough county:  $40.00 for each defendant after the first defendant. 


Attorney Flat Fee

This fee is charged by the attorney for preparation of all uncontested documents for residential eviction for non-payment of rent.

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Total Cost of Eviction$505$580$655
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